C700 19″ Rack type


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Iridium Certus C700

Stay connected with the most powerful Iridium Certus terminal available.

The Intellian C700 maritime satellite terminal connects to the Iridium Certus network of 66 Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites, providing pole-to-pole communication.

The Intellian C700 uses a powerful 12 patch phased-array antenna to deliver the highest performing Certus® terminal, especially at low angles of elevation, which is critical in a maritime environment. The C700 provides IP data speeds of up to 704 Kbps, and the H2 class high power amplifier supports uplink data speeds up to 352 Kbps as standard. Users will gain both scalability and advanced performance provided by the Iridium Certus network, keeping you connected  whenever and wherever needed.